Idea and goals

The portrait photography group will be an environment for experiments, exchange of experience and ideas. We will put a lot of emphasis on photography and exploring different directions in portraiture.

Within 2023, with the support of the NFK, the working group will hold a major group exhibition showcasing the work of the distinguished participants.

A few words from Ivaylo

My name is Ivaylo Petrov. Professional advertising and portrait photographer. What best defines my work style is variety. With my endless curiosity and constant effort to do more, over the years I have reached the freedom to create images that are not subject to limitations – neither technically nor creatively. I consider myself a flexible professional, but I have chosen to subordinate my roots and my personal preferences to traditions and classic aesthetics – I think that in an overly noisy and overly relative world like ours, they give a resilience that is good to “hear” on a number of levels .


I deeply value my author’s, personal work and choose to devote a significant part of my time to it, even at the cost of a number of compromises in the rest. It is the drive to be able to visualize my ideas that has been at the root of my persistence over the years to constantly enrich my methods of expression, and I now actively use CGI and compositing post-production as part of my standard workflow. However, it was always subordinated to a specific idea or emotion that I felt was important to share at the time.


I join this idea with the hope that I will be able to spend time with other people who are always searching – people who have both the desire and that special tickle to try and learn something new, even if it is at the cost of it. so that it doesn’t happen at all, or at least that it doesn’t get weird all of the time. I personally choose to be there in the position of someone who will experiment and “take risks” in a way that my job doesn’t always allow. Because not only in the creative process, but also in many other aspects of life, in fact, mistakes can be the best teacher (at least for the one who “hears” them). And to be wrong without much consequence, given the fact that we’re doing pictures and not brain surgery, gives us this special freedom that I’ve kind of forgotten lately and would like to at least partially get back.

If, in the general search, my experience so far can make others err more intelligently, that would be a real pleasure.


Schedule and organization

Working groups are an environment for free communication in which the dynamics as well as their content will be determined by the participants.

We start with the idea of a minimum of 2 meetings per month. Meetings will take place on Wednesdays.

The next scheduled meetings until the end of the year are on November 30 and December 14. They will be held at Pro 1 studio, 47 Cherni Vrah Blvd.

Pro 1 Studio is a partner of the group. It is where we will hold most of our meetings, especially in the winter months. Almost the entire range of ProFoto lighting fixtures and modifiers will be available there.

The group will meet with this schedule in the period November 2022 – May 2023. The group exhibition is planned for autumn 2023.

Conditions for participation

Participants in the group are selected after a preliminary selection. Each registered participant will be asked to submit a portfolio and/or cover letter. It is important for us to bring together motivated people with a desire to work.

After approval, a fee is payable to participate in the group under the following conditions:

  • BGN 300 for 6 months. (the fee also includes participation in “General Development” (2 more meetings per month on different topics) and participation in the group of your choice. When choosing more than one group, 150 leva is paid for participation in each subsequent group)
  • BGN 480 for 12 months. (the fee includes “General Development” (2 more meetings per month on different topics) and participation in the group of your choice. When choosing more than one group, 240 leva is paid for participation in each subsequent group)


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To join the group, complete the application form at the bottom of this page.


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