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Yanko Djemerenov: If we were a little more fearless, we would dare to change

“It’s always been very difficult for me to introduce myself. I have been through so many transformations and different environments in my life that I never know where to start and where to end. Professionally, I’ve been a computer club worker, a musician, an apprentice, a cursory experience as a manager of a small handmade…

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The selected photos are from our Facebook group and are by the following authors: Bozhidar Genkov, Boris Yanev, Villy Goutova, Violeta Chalakova, Vladimir Spassov, Dimitar Antonov, Elitza Velkova, Emanuil Treyman, Iliyan Milushev, Kiril Mladenov, Krasimira Pastirova, Maya Doichinova, Nina Staykova, Polya Dimitrova, Stanislav Sivev, Tsvetelina Stoyanova, Yuliya DimovaYanko Dzhemerenov, Emmanuel Roufast, Petra Marino

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